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Frequently Asked Questions from Vendors

Frequently Asked Questions from Vendors

Why do I have to keep the card number on file?

The new payment process keeps that card account with a credit limit of $0 until an invoice has been approved for payment. Once it is approved, the card will be funded with the exact amount due and you will receive electronic confirmation that the card is ready to be charged. This technology makes keeping a card on file completely safe

Can’t you just continue sending us checks?

This is part of an effort to reduce checks to eliminate paper waste and inefficiencies. This will also decrease the time it takes to complete payment. Many vendors are already on this process and are finding it more convenient than handling a check.

Are there any fees associated with this?

Payments will be processed as credit card transactions, so your standard merchandise fees will apply. We will not impose any direct fees as part of this new process.

Can you just send me the information and let me talk to my supervisor?

Now that you have an understanding of the new payment process, you are welcome to discuss this with other individuals on your team and respond back to us. Is there anyone else we should speak with directly?

We have several people who process payments, so I don’t want to give you just one person’s e-mail address.

The payment advice can be sent to more than one person if you want to give us additional addresses. Also, some vendors establish a general e-mail alias that will forward the remittance to several people in your organization.