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Photo of the Week: Blue Beauty

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Birds of the Americas

Posted June 26, 2013. Photo courtesy of ABQ BioPark.

The hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) is just one of the colorful residents featured at the ABQ BioPark’s newest exhibit. Geraldine Johnson Birds of the Americas, which opened on June 21, also houses sun conures and roadrunners.

The hyacinth macaw comes from South American rainforests. Its purplish-blue coloration and bright yellow around its beak and eyes makes the macaw a sight to behold. In addition to its beauty, the hyacinth macaw is the world’s largest flying parrot with a wing span of about four feet. A macaw’s strong break can crack open even the hardest nuts; they also eat fruit.

This beauty is becoming increasingly rare in the wild due to habitat loss and the pet trade. Learn how you can help conserve the hyacinth macaw and its other bird friends at the Birds of the Americas exhibit.

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