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Outreach Programs

BioPark Outreach Programs Come to You


BioVan & Rio Rangers (Albuquerque-area)

  • 505-764-6288 or 505-764-6242

Zoo-to-You (Statewide)

  • 505-764-6247

All Other Outreach Programs

  • 505-764-6214
Email: [email protected]

Let us bring the ABQ BioPark to you! BioPark education staff and volunteers provide a variety of programs within the Albuquerque area and around the state. Outreach programs are free of charge and sponsored by the New Mexico BioPark Society.

Outreach - Please Schedule at least 6 Weeks in Advance

BioVan & Rio Rangers

This award-winning, free outreach program available to Albuquerque-area elementary schools teaches about the journey of the Rio Grande from the mountains to the sea. Read more.

Zoo to You VanZoo to You

Get eye to eye with exotic animals and discover the wonders of the natural world.  This free, interactive education program travels throughout the state of New Mexico to teach about wildlife conservation.

  • Volunteer docents will introduce you to our animal ambassadors, including birds, reptiles, amphibians and small mammals.
  • Hands-on biofacts, such as bones, pelts and hides, feathers and other interesting animal items.
  • Programs tailored to any age group, from kindergarten to adults, and targeted to specific interests.
  • Presentations last between 30-60 minutes.
  • Promotes the conservation message that "our actions matter."
  • Programs meet many of the NM State Science Standards and Benchmarks.

The Zoo to You van, sponsored by the New Mexico BioPark Society and partially supported by Wells Fargo, is available to any school, community center, library or museum within New Mexico. Call 505-764-6247 at least six weeks in advance to schedule.

Suitcase for Survival

The Suitcase for Survival contains confiscated animal items donated by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service for hands-on learning about the Wildlife Trade.

  • Includes a full classroom curriculum, including confiscated animal items, a slideshow, video and reference books.
  • Learn about the tremendous negative impact the illegal wildlife trade has on many species.
  • Did you know? Baby parrots are taken from their nests for the pet trade.  Elephants and rhinos are killed for decorative ivory.  Big cats, crocodiles and snakes are poached for their skins.  Delicate orchids and cacti are yanked from their native habitats.

Call 505-764-6214 to checkout for classroom use.

Informative Displays - Statewide

Information booths and interactive displays available for county fairs, school science fairs, state and county fairs, arts and craft fairs, and other community events.  Call 505-764- 6214 to reserve these displays.

Classroom Programs - Albuquerque Area

Bring your class to a BioPark classroom or request a BioPark Educator come to your classroom! Programs are tailored for students grades K-12 and feature slides, biofacts and live animals. Teacher preparatory materials are included. Learn more about the BioPark Classroom Programs and call 505-764-6214.