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Bicycle Laws and Safety Tips

Follow these tips to stay safe while bicycling in ABQ.
  • Go with the Flow, never ride against traffic.
  • Ride in the right most lane serving your destination.
  • Always have 3 feet of clear space on your right.
  • Wear a helmet; you only have one brain protect it.
  • Must have headlights and taillights & rear reflectors while riding at night.
  • STOP completely at Stop Signs and Yellow/Red Lights.
  • Look left, look right, look left again at all intersections.
  • Be seen; wear bright colors and reflective vests.
  • Pedal in a straight line, cars don’t weave nor should you.
  • Scan over your shoulder for vehicles often.
  • Be aware for potholes, cars entering roadway, kids, etc.
  • Use hand signals when safe to do so.
  • Don’t pass on the right, unless you are in a bike lane.
  • Use the Bike Lane & Bike Boxes
  • Make sure your bike is mechanically sound, brakes work.
  • Don’t exceed the speed limit. Announce yourself to pedestrians before you pass them.
  • Don’t pedal your bike while under the influence.
  • Drive your Bike as you would drive a Car.