Learn about the AmerCorps Seniors volunteer program, RSVP, which stands for Retired & Senior Volunteer Program.

Perhaps you are not certain how to get started with volunteering or maybe you are a life-long volunteer looking for a new challenge. RSVP enrolls, places and provides support for volunteers, age 55+ in numerous non-profit organizations. You tell us your interests and RSVP will assist you in finding a meaningful and comfortable place for you to contribute. RSVP volunteers serve in health and social service agencies, schools, libraries, museums and government agencies. RSVP Volunteers are recognized and appreciated for their service and are also covered by supplemental insurance while on duty. As an additional benefit, volunteers may receive limited mileage reimbursement. Call (505) 767-5225 for more information.  

RSVP Advisory Council Members Needed:  

RSVP Advisory Council Members needed


To register for other RSVP volunteer opportunities, visit the One Albuquerque RSVP Volunteer page




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