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Department of Seniors Affairs

Information about the Department of Senior Affairs.

Our Department

Mission: The Department of Senior Affairs is a community leader, who in partnership with others, involves seniors and people of all ages in creating a community that enhances everyone’s quality of life by providing opportunities to achieve their potential, share their wisdom, maintain their independence, and live in dignity.


 Department of Senior Affairs 2016-2017 ( FY17 ) Highlights:

    • Information & Assistance: 7,152 contacts with approximately 4,891 seniors 
    • Case Management: 6,509 hours of service to 1,899 senior households 
    • Home Services: 15,237 hours of service to 1,939 senior households 
    • Home Delivered Meals: 136,663 meals delivered to 913 homebound seniors
    • Meal Sites: 177,817 meals prepared for 3,459 seniors 
    • Transportation: 62,590 one-way trips provided to 1,787 seniors 
    • Recreation: 25,500 members participate in a variety of center activities
    • Sports & Fitness: 180,069 sports & fitness visits

A Population Fact:

By 2030 New Mexico will move from 39th in the nation to 4th in the nation in the percentage of people older than 65.

- 2000 Census Projections

Group Picture of Seniors