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Planning Department Has Launched New Website for Short Term Rental Properties

Taxes collected through the site will contribute to Albuquerque’s Tourism economy
April 21, 2021

The City of Albuquerque’s Planning Department has launched a new website that short-term rental property owners can utilize for permitting and to pay their share of lodgers’ taxes and hospitality fees. On May 3, short-term rentals, (consisting of businesses which rent all or a part of a dwelling unit for periods of 29 consecutive days or less, per occurrence such as those available via Airbnb or VRBO) can utilize the website.  There is also a 24/7 hotline launched with the website that allows community members to report any issues or concerns with a short-term rental property.

City Councilor Diane Gibson led the effort to establish a Short-Term Rental Task Force in 2018. The Task Force then established recommendations that Councilor Gibson used to propose Council Bill O-20-30, which was approved by City Council in October, 2020.

“The launch of this website is the result of a year-long effort of balancing the important role STRs play in Albuquerque’s tourism economy and ensuring that STRs are good neighbors to the residential neighborhoods in which they are located,” said Brennon Williams, Albuquerque’s Planning Director.  

The City of Albuquerque will be working with LodgingRevs, a monitoring website to receive permits and to collect taxes, which will also help with the compliance and enforcement of the ordinance.

Any person operating a short-term rental in Albuquerque must have a valid short-term rental permit as required in the Albuquerque Code of Ordinances Section 13-19-1, the Short-Term Rental Ordinance. A business license is also required, and operators must collect and remit lodging taxes and hospitality fees to the City of Albuquerque. The Short-Term Rental Ordinance goes into effect April 23. However, the City won’t begin receiving permits until the new website is operational on May 3, 2021.

There will be an initial compliance window until June 30 for STRs to submit for a permit via the website as they adapt to the new ordinance. The city will be sending mailed notices to property owners with an STR in anticipation of the May 3 start. These mailed notices will include an account number and account code for each unit.

An application for a short-term rental permit must be submitted by June 30, 2021. Failure to comply may result in enforcement action, including but not limited to the actions specified in Section 13-19-1 of the Albuquerque Code of Ordinances.

For more details on the permit requirements, permit process, the STR Ordinance, and the STR Task Force, you can go to

The 24/7 Hotline number to allow community members to report any issues or concerns with a short-term rental property is 505-465-7710.

The online link to report any issues or concerns with a short-term rental property is