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Casita Construction Just Got Easier and Cheaper

City’s Planning Department Provides Free Casita Construction Plans to Community
December 21, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE- The City of Albuquerque’s Planning Department has released four different casita construction plan sets, all for free to the public. These plan sets range in size from 450 to 750 square feet and meet the currently adopted building codes and standards. These will save thousands of dollars for those wanting to add a casita to their property. The City of Albuquerque has a goal of encouraging 1,000 casitas to be constructed by 2025.

“If people choose to build using these construction plans it will save them the money that they would have been spent on design, and it will also save them time when they come in for a permit because we know that the plans will satisfy all building code requirements,” said Planning Department Director Alan Varela.

In June, the City Council passed a set of zoning code changes as part of Mayor Keller’s sweeping Housing Forward initiative to help meet the demand for housing and prepare for growth. The recent changes make it easier for homeowners to build casitas on their property, providing a flexible housing option for multigenerational families or households that can benefit from rental income.

“Casitas and multigenerational living are part of our culture in New Mexico, and we’re embracing that legacy to help address our housing shortage,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Whether folks want to build a casita for aging parents, adult kids, or to rent for additional income, we’re making the building process easier.”

To download the free casita construction plans and learn more about the zoning and permitting requirements visit our Free Casita Construction Plans page.

Casitas, also called “Accessory Dwelling Units” or “ADUs”, are small housing units that are detached accessory buildings with a kitchen, most often on a residential lot. In 2023, the zoning laws in Albuquerque changed to allow the construction of casitas in R-1 neighborhoods throughout the city.