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Business Registration Information

Information about business registration in Albuquerque.


  • 505-924-3890
  • Plaza Del Sol, Ground Floor
  • 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
  • [email protected] 

What We Do

The Business Registration Section of the Planning Department is responsible for carrying out the duties described in the Business Registration Ordinance for the City of Albuquerque. The ordinance requires that all businesses apply for and pay a business registration fee for each outlet, branch, location, or place of business within the municipal limits of the city prior to engaging in business.

The Business Registration Section staff processes all applications for registrations. We are also happy to assist with any questions while proceeding through the business registration, renewal, update, or cancellation process.

Business Registration and Solicitations Ordinance

How We Serve You

Our goal is to make the process easy and efficient as we understand business owners are often busy and short on time. To do that, we offer the following services and resources:

Online Business Registration, Renewal, Payment & Address Change Services

Business registration is easy with our online system to apply for a new business license, renew an existing business license, change your business address, and pay fees online. There is no longer a need for you to visit our offices for any portion of the business registration or renewal process.

The Planning Department has switched to a fully online service for registering your business, renewing your business registration, and changing your business address. All these services must now be done from our online service portal.

We strongly encourage you to use Microsoft Edge as your web browser when using this website.

Online Business Registration, Renewal, Payment & Address Change

Solicitation Application

Submit your solicitation applications and make payment at 600 2nd St NW on the ground floor.

Solicitation Application

Business Registration & Information Search

Conduct a Business Registration and Information Search

Business Closure

To complete the business closure process, contact the Business Registration Section at 505-924-3890 to leave a message with your NM Business Tax ID Number and business registration number or email [email protected]

Key Items Before Applying for Business Registration

Obtain your NM Business Tax ID Number

You can get this information from New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department

Contact Treasury Division if Business Involves:

  • Liquor licensing call 505-768-3398
  • Pawn Broking call 505-768-3446
  • Lodging (hotel/motel operations) call 505-768-3446

Contact Environmental Health Dept. if Business Involves:

  • Handling, preparing, or serving of food call 505-768-2716
  • Swimming Pool call 505-768-2716
  • Liquor/Convenience store call 505-768-2716
  • Bar Lounge call 505-768-2716
  • Emissions of regulated air pollutants call 505-768-2716
    • To include but not limited to: gas stations; dry cleaners; paint & body shops; emergency generators; boilers, or other combustion equipment; activities that generate significant dust and/or other particulates as real property development and aggregate handling.
  • To find out if activity requires an air quality permit, contact the Environmental Health Dept. Small Business Assistance Program at 505-768-1972


Instructions to Register Your Business With POSSE Online

*Please note you must have your current registration certificate to complete registration with the City of Albuquerque*

We strongly encourage you to use Microsoft Edge as your web browser when using this website.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down until you see “Online Business Registration & Renewals
  3. Click on “Complete your Business Registration”
    1. Click on “Click here to register
      1. Click on “+ Mailing Address
      2. Enter your “email address
      3. Create a password (Has to contain One Capital letter and be at least 8 characters long. Abcdefg1 & be sure to write it down)
      4. Enter your information
      5. Click on the Security Question Field
        1. Select a question
      6. Click on Security Answer
        1. Create an answer
      7. Type the characters that are showing just underneath the “Code field
      8. Click Finish Registration
      9. Go to your “Email” that was used to register.
      10. Click on the “Verification Email”
      11. Then click on “Click Here”
    2. Log into your new “Business Registration Account”.
    3. Just under the “Home” look for “Business Registrations”.
      1. Click on “Business Registration”
        1. Enter the “Required” information