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Special-Interest Places

Information about non-hiking recreation in Open Space lands.

There are several designated Open Space lands and facilities that cater to non-hiking recreation. The available recreational activities vary greatly, and there is sure to be an activity for everyone in these beautiful lands.

Beyond Hiking: Recreation Areas

Shooting Range Park

View information about Shooting Range Park.

The Shooting Range Park provides a safe location for citizens to enjoy shooting sports and learn the skills of using firearms for personal protection and hunting. The City of Albuquerque Open Space Division manages this publicly operated shooting range to promote the safe use of firearms in our community and through the state. All Range staff are qualified National Rifle Association instructors.

Boca Negra Horseman's Complex

View information about Boca Negra Horseman's Complex.

The Boca Negra Horseman's Complex is an equestrian facility located southwest of Boca Negra Petroglyph National Monument. The complex is open to the public and free of charge. Facilities for large groups and special events are available for reservations. Clyde Corey, keeper of the grounds, can be reached at (505) 898-1996.

Montessa Park

View information about Montessa Park.

Located in the South Valley, the 577-acre Montessa Park is the location for a special use off-road vehicle park. This is the only area in the Open Space system available for off-road driving. There are no formal trail routes or developed facilities, only simple access areas. No reservations are required and the area is closed at dark.

George J. Maloof Memorial Air Park

View information about George J. Maloof Memorial Air Park .

George J. Maloof Memorial Air Park is a safe and convenient facility for the use of remote control airplanes, helicopters and cars. Maloof Air Park is open to all R/C modelers who adhere to the rules and regulations of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

Brent Baca Memorial Disk Golf Course

View information about Brent Baca Memorial Disk Golf Course.

Located near the All-Terrain Vehicle Park in Montessa Open Space, the Disk Golf Course is a collaborative project between the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division and the New Mexico Disc Golf Club. The challenging course, located at 7805 feet above sea level, offers four par 4’s. Every hole offers long and short tees, and maps and scorecards are available at the course. The course contact, Rick Kapalko, can be reached at (505) 861-2476.

ADA-Compliant Trails

The Open Space Division recognizes the need for the availability of accessible recreation for every citizen, and has developed trails in both Foothills and Bosque Open Spaces that offer full accessibility. The following Open Space facilities comply with standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Alameda & Rio Grande Open Space

View information about Alameda & Rio Grande Open Space.

Alameda is a constructed wetland, intended to replicate the natural wetlands that historically occupied the floodplain of the Rio Grande. Distinguished cottonwoods shade two picnic areas at the northeast corner of the Alameda bridge. Alameda offers ample parking and easily accommodates horse trailers.

Rio Bravo Riverside Picnic Area

View information about Rio Bravo Riverside Picnic Area, Fishing Pier, and Nature Trail.

A quarter-mile loop trail winds under a canopy of cottonwoods, passing by the quiet flow of the Rio Grande. Visitors can picnic at one of three sites or fish for rainbow trout from the fully accessible fishing pier. The Paseo del Bosque trail may also be accessed from the parking area.

Pueblo Montano Picnic Area & Trailhead

View information about Pueblo Montano Picnic Area and Trailhead.

This multi-use recreational facility provides West-side access to the bosque trail system, ADA and equestrian-parking areas, and a picnic area with interpretive educational signage for the public to enjoy. Pueblo Montano features original artwork created to represent the Bosque and to honor those who fought to save this beautiful land from destruction in a 2003 fire.

Cottonwood Springs Trail

View information about Cottonwood Springs Trail.

This trail, in the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area & Albert G. Simms Park, is a half-mile long paved trail that starts at a designated trail head and ends at the wildlife viewing blind. Shaded rest stops with interpretive artwork displays add to the ambience of this trail.

Special Interest Lands, Trails & Facilities

The following Open Space properties are noteworthy because they each have specific qualities that are unique among Open Space lands. Whether it is centuries-old petroglyphs, difficult mountain trails, or newly constructed wetlands- all of these places stand out for one reason or another.

Elena Gallegos Picnic Area & Albert G. Simms Park

View information about Elena Gallegos Picnic Area & Albert G. Simms Park.

The 640-acre park is a gem in the Open Space system. At an elevation of about 6,500 feet, visitors can view Mt. Taylor to the west, the Jemez Mountains to the north and the vast Tijeras Arroyo to the south. The landscape supports a wonderfully diverse habitat. If visitors use their observation skills, pack rat nests can be seen under juniper trees, coyote and bear scat can be identified along the trail, and the elusive cougar may be spotted traveling through a natural drainage.

Paseo del Bosque Trail

View information about Paseo del Bosque Trail.

This trail runs along the east side of the Rio Grande. It is approximately 16 miles in length, and runs from Alameda Blvd. to Rio Bravo Blvd. Low-impact recreation such as hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, in-line skating and horseback riding are allowed on the Paseo del Bosque paved trail or the natural surface trail beneath the cottonwood trees. Natural surface trails run along both sides of the river intermittently and a myriad of unmarked trails wind throughout the bosque.

Open Space Visitor Center

View information about Open Space Visitor Center.

This facility offers the public information and resources on the Open Space program, special events, bosque trail access, and wildlife viewing areas.

Tingley Wetlands

Created in 2005 by the Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Albuquerque, Tingley Wetlands provides an insightful view into a constructed wetland ecosystem. The wetlands are located adjacent to the Tingley Beach ponds in the Bosque.

Trail 365

View information about Trail 365.

This trail runs the full length of the foothills, staring at Tramway and going south to Interstate 40. The mostly dirt trail runs through the Sandia Mountains (in National Forest Service land) and through the foothills. It can be accessed through numerous Open Space Parking areas.

Boca Negra Canyon

View information about Boca Negra Canyon.

Boca Negra Canyon provides easy access for visitors who want to view ancient petroglyphs and other interesting geologic and cultural features up close. Three developed trails take visitors on self-guiding tours ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes roundtrip. Water, restrooms and picnic tables are available.