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Parks Promote Pickleball Projects

Parks and Recreation Department plans to increase and improve pickleball courts and facilities across the city to meet demand for the nation’s fastest growing sport.

April 24, 2023

In recognition of National Pickleball Month, Mayor Tim Keller and the Parks and Recreation Department announced new major projects for pickleball facilities throughout the city. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the nation. As the popularity of the sport grows, so does the demand for access to pickleball courts.

The first major project announced is the expansion of Albuquerque’s premier pickleball complex at Manzano Mesa Park. The facility will be expanded with 15 more pickleball courts, lighting, shade, and a restroom. The estimated cost for this project is $3.5 million; it went out to bid this month with a projected start date this Fall. The second major project announced was for Ventana Ranch Park which is set to receive 8 dedicated pickleball courts, adding to the existing 4 dual striped tennis courts (which provides 8 pickleball courts), lighting, shade structures, and a program building. This expansion is estimated at $1.5 million and should break ground later this year. The Ventana Ranch project will be the first major pickleball project on the westside, which has a thriving pickleball community.

“The idea of having permanent pickleball courts on both sides of the river is great!” said pickleball community leader, Larry Lite.

“We will continue to invest in projects that improve our quality of life, build our sports economy, and create access across our city to fun, safe recreational facilities,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “Residents of all ages will soon have expanded opportunity to participate in this popular sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle.”

In addition to the major projects, the City announced other smaller projects and future plans to ensure increased accessibility to pickleball courts across the City. Sierra Vista Tennis Center is currently under construction; one mini-tennis court is being converted into 2 dedicated pickleball courts and 4 other “dual-use” courts will be created by striping 2 tennis courts for pickleball. The Wells Park expansion plan includes multi-use courts that will be striped for 6 pickleball courts. Pat Hurley Park tennis courts will undergo resurfacing. Two tennis courts will be retained and 2 tennis courts will be converted into 4 pickleball courts. The Barelas Park renovation also includes 3 pickleball courts in phase II of the construction project.

“Together, these projects will add 48 new pickleball courts to the City,” said Parks and Recreation Director, Dave Simon. “That said, let’s play some pickleball!”

Funding for current and future pickleball projects has been assembled from City funds and the support of many state legislators.