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Undercover Operation Results in Drug Trafficking Arrests in Downtown Public Safety District

Undercover narcotics operation in the Downtown Public Safety District resulted in six suspects arrested.

October 29, 2019

The Albuquerque Police Department conducted an undercover narcotics operation in the Downtown Public Safety District that resulted in six suspects arrested for trafficking illegal drugs.

The operation on Oct. 19, resulted in the following:

  • 6 suspects arrested for trafficking narcotics
  • Heroin and meth were sold directly to Central Narcotics Unit
  • Detectives
  • 1 suspect arrested for having an outstanding felony warrant for narcotics violations
  • 1 vehicle sealed for evidence pending search warrant service

“This is the kind of targeted crime fighting APD teams are doing all across Albuquerque,” Mayor Tim Keller said. “The community policing work that our Downtown team has done to date enabled them to take a targeted approach to address one of the top safety concerns of business owners and residents in the core of our city. In addition to building relationships and addressing issues like homelessness and substance abuse, APD is cracking down on drug traffickers and other drivers of crime.”

The operation was conducted by the Valley Downtown Units, Central Narcotics Unit, Dangerous Drug Unit, Investigative Support Unit, and Gun Violence Reduction Unit.

Valley Downtown Units had identified specific drug traffickers, and specific locations known for drug trafficking.  During the operation, Valley Downtown Units were assigned to perform arrest duties/traffic stops, Central Narcotics / Dangerous Drug Unit Detectives were assigned to purchase narcotics in an undercover capacity/undercover rescue/surveillance, and the Investigative Support Unit / Gun Violence Reduction Unit was assigned to the role of undercover rescue/surveillance.