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Train Cars from the Rail Yards Find New Home

Train removal signals redevelopment is underway.

December 7, 2018

The Planning Department’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency (MRA) displayed continued progress at the Rail Yards by removing one of the three remaining train cars from the property by crane. The crane hoisted the 4-ton caboose into the air and loaded it onto a flat-bed trailer. The train, with a police escort, was taken to a property, where it will be refurbished by the new owner.

Last September the MRA established immediate steps necessary to move the redevelopment forward, which included security and preparation of the site. That same month, 24 hour security and alarm systems were installed.

“This signifies action, the forward momentum of a project moving full steam ahead.” stated Planning Director David Campbell. The next step is to submit the Voluntary Remediation Plan to the State Environment Department in hopes of being approved for clean-up. The application identifies the contaminants, the location of those contaminants, and the plan for contamination removal.

From the onset of his administration, Mayor Tim Keller has been committed to accelerating the redevelopment of the Rail Yards and this move will not only expand the site’s uses for future community events, but will prepare the property for remediation.