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Over 135,000 Volunteer Hours Logged Last Year through the City

Third report from the Office of Civic Engagement shows people helping each other and community.
November 21, 2023

The Office of Civic Engagement released its annual volunteer report, highlighting the over 135,000 hours of volunteering completed last fiscal year, and the impact that it has on our community. Mayor Keller and First Lady Kistin Keller launched the Office of Civic Engagement in 2019 to make the “One Albuquerque” vision a reality—inspiring folks to step up and play a role in supporting one another and solving our city’s most complex challenges. The third annual report gives an overview of the significant volunteer recruitment, total volunteer hours, and philanthropic support that came from the community. 

“Civic Engagement continues to be a fundamental pillar of our One Albuquerque spirit. We believe that addressing our city’s most pressing challenges requires a comprehensive, community-driven approach. Each and every person has the power to meaningfully contribute and help shape Albuquerque into a secure, forward-thinking city that benefits all,” said First Lady Elizabeth Kistin Keller. 

“One Albuquerque isn’t a slogan—it’s a call to action to engage our whole community to get involved in bringing the promise of Albuquerque to life. Almost 20,000 volunteers have answered that call since we began, and their efforts are making Albuquerque a safer, more inclusive, and more innovative city that works for all of our families,” said Mayor Tim Keller. 
The annual report shows significant growth in volunteer recruitment and engagement at the city level over the past year. The report highlights include:

  • 4,687 new volunteers working with the city, bringing the total number of One Albuquerque volunteers in the system to 19,591. 
  • 1,124 volunteer opportunities in the system with the city and with organizations across Albuquerque. 
  • 135,593 hours logged in the system by volunteers, which translates to more than $3.2 million of economic impact contributed by volunteers. 

The full report can be found on the Civic Engagement Annual Reports page, and folks can explore volunteer opportunities online.