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Mayor Tim Keller Supports Legislative Push to Create Jobs, Help Economy Recover from COVID-19 Pandemic

Senate leaders moving a bill to allocate Severance Tax funds in support of local economies

June 18, 2020

In the weeks leading up to today’s Special Session of the New Mexico Legislature, Mayor Tim Keller and other local leaders have called for significant state investment in helping local communities create jobs and shorten the road to economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic closed local businesses for months, left thousands unemployed, and reversed two years of consistent economic growth under Mayor Keller, including huge steps forward in film, renewable energy, construction, and manufacturing.

Today he is re-iterating his support for that push for local investment, specifically in support of the bi-partisan Senate Bill 3, Small Business Recovery Act of 2020, from Senators Jacob Candelaria, Sander Rue, and John Sapien. Their legislation would dedicate some of the Severance Tax Permanent Fund for loans to help small businesses and local cities recover.

Mayor Keller released the following statement:

“We know the lasting damage coronavirus did to our local workers and the businesses that employ them. Albuquerque’s economy was seeing record growth, and the pandemic threw a major wrench in the gears. To recover, we need to bring jobs back as quickly as possible, invest in infrastructure projects that support local workers, and keep small businesses afloat.

“We’ve stepped up with millions of dollars in relief and stimulus, and we’re proud our Senators are fighting for local workers. I hope the rest of the legislature will join this effort and use the little time they have this session to step up for workers and local business.”

Click to read Sunday’s op-ed calling for investment in Albuquerque’s economy from Rep. Javier Martinez, co-chair of House Tax & Revenue, Senator Jacob Candelaria, member of Senate Finance, and Mayor Keller.