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Mayor Tim Keller Sends Community Investments to Voters for Approval

Capital Investment Plan addresses crime, homelessness, community development, roads, and placemaking – all without raising taxes.

May 1, 2019

This week, Mayor Tim Keller added his signature to a package of investments to address crime, homelessness, and infrastructure needs in every part of the community. The proposal does not raise taxes; it uses existing tax revenue to issue bonds that fund the projects.

With the Mayor’s signature, he sends the package to voters, who will have their biannual final say at the ballot box this fall. This is the Mayor’s first long-term capital investment package, known as General Obligation Bonds, usually issued very two years by the city.  His package focuses on clear community priorities and needs like homelessness. The package won the unanimous support of the City Council earlier this month.

“Crime, homelessness, infrastructure—we’ve heard from Burqueños from all walks of life that these are the top priorities. The bonds are more than bricks and mortar. They will impact our community in tangible ways: funding police substations, railyards redevelopment, repairing our roads, adding a new library, fixing up community centers, beautifying our parks and streets, and finally building a homeless shelter that will address a huge need,” said Mayor Tim Keller. He added, “Voting yes on this bond package is a powerful way to show that Albuquerque is united and committed to tackling our challenges head on, all without raising taxes.”

The capital investment package will support approximately 1,084 jobs over the life of the projects and have an estimated economic impact of $1.5 million. If voters say yes at the ballot box, bonds will fund projects that span across every Albuquerque district:

  • $30 million in road improvements,
  • $14 million for a 24/7, centrally located homeless shelter,
  • $7.25 million for public safety,
  • $13.3 million for parks and open space
  • $5.5 million for a new International District community library,

$5 million for Railyard cleanup, and more.