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Mayor Tim Keller Building Team to Increase Transparency and Accountability at the City

New members of Mayor's administration to make City government more responsive.

September 4, 2018

Mayor Tim Keller is building a team of city employees that is tasked with increasing transparency and accountability at the City of Albuquerque.

“Government only works when it is accountable to the people it serves, but historically there have been several gaps in this area at the City,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “We’re working to make our City more open and transparent across all departments by building a team to improve the processes that protect taxpayer dollars and increase transparency to the public.”

New members of Mayor Keller’s administration tasked with implementing processes to make City government more responsive are:

  • Ethan Watson, Deputy City Clerk for Open Government – Mayor Tim Keller created this position to focus on making public records accessible and streamlining the public records request process. Watson will work on improving systems to foster transparency and clearing the public records backlog that the new administration encountered upon taking office.
  • Haley Kadish, City Performance and Innovation Officer – Mayor Keller created this position to protect taxpayer dollars and ensure City initiatives are working effectively and efficiently. Kadish will work across departments to improve and revamp performance metrics to ensure the City is receiving services that it pays for while making those metrics useful and relevant.
  • Erin Engelbrecht, Community Liaison for Environmental Health Department – As the City looks to improve environmental health throughout the City, Engelbrecht will enhance community engagement so that City initiatives are inclusive and responsive.
  • Myra Segal, Family and Community Services Senior Advisor for Outcomes and Accountability – The City’s Family and Community Services Department provides a broad spectrum of services through organizations outside of the City. After discovering that there was not a system to hold vendors accountable for services the City contracts for, Mayor Keller worked to ensure the City gets what it pays for. Segal will focus on evaluating City contracts and programs to ensure they are having the intended outcomes.

This team is part of Mayor Tim Keller’s efforts to bring his focus on transparency and accountability to the City of Albuquerque.