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Mayor Keller Signs Pledge to Keep Albuquerque’s Internet Open

Mayor Keller Joins Dozens of U.S. Mayors in Fight for Net Neutrality.
April 10, 2018

Albuquerque, N.M - Mayor Tim Keller has joined more than 80 other U.S. mayors in calling for cities to take all available steps to ensure the internet remains open and to keep private companies from throttling, blocking or limiting content on the internet.

The push comes in the face of the Federal Communications Commission’s intent to change current rules and allow internet services providers to slow or block websites and applications as they see fit, or to charge more for faster speeds.

The rule change hasn’t yet taken effect, but if it does, residents in Albuquerque and throughout the U.S. could see a drastic slowdown in their favorite sites.

“The internet is a shared resource that is essential for businesses of all sizes and for people from all walks of life,” stated Mayor Keller.  “Albuquerque residents need to know that vital information from government websites – and from all websites – is not being stalled or stopped for profit.  Access to internet at workable speeds is critical to moving toward digital equity for all in our city.”

Language in the new federal rule attempts to block regulatory imposition of some rules on internet service providers. There are specific things cities can do to counter that, such as pledging to only do business with internet providers that agree not to block or slow content on city sites and making sure providers of free public Wi-Fi agree to the same.

The Mayor pledged to:

  • Procure applicable internet services from companies that do not block, throttle, or provide paid prioritization of content on sites that cities run to provide critical services and information to their residents.
  • Ensure an open internet connection with any free or subsidized service we offer to our residents.
  • Not block, throttle or engage in paid prioritization when providing internet service directly to our residents, such as through free public Wi-Fi or municipal broadband.
  • To the extent permitted, require clear and accessible notices of filtering, blocking and prioritization policies with enforceable penalties for violations to protect consumers from deceptive practices.
  • Monitor the practices of internet service providers so consumers and regulators can know when a company is violating open internet principles or commitments.
  • Encourage consumer use of ISPs, including municipal options that abide by open internet policies.

You can read the Mayor’s pledge here.

For the latest list of Mayors who have signed the pledge, please see the website, which is maintained by the non-profit advocacy organization Free Press.