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Mayor Keller Sends Letter to Legislators, Urging Action on Metro Crime Initiative Priorities

The week of Feb 10, 2022, Mayor Tim Keller submitted a letter to state legislators as the end of the session approached and key pieces of public safety legislation and investments moved through the process. In the letter, Mayor Keller asked legislators to pass key fixes identified during the Metro Crime Initiative to spur needed change in the criminal justice system.

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Mayor Keller, a former state senator, urged legislators to take action on the broad range of crime fighting and behavioral health legislation and investments before them.

“Our communities are demanding action on crime, and we need your help,” Mayor Keller says in the letter. “The state’s criminal justice system is fundamentally broken, and there is no single person or government that can fix it alone. Our state deserves more than another round of the blame game; we deserve and demand solutions... The question we must all answer at the end of this session is: what is it that we will point to, collectively, that was accomplished to make our communities safer and help stop the violence?”