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Mayor Keller Honors Albuquerque Volunteers

Awards were given for the 2018 Mayor’s National Day of Service.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Mayor Tim Keller and First Lady Liz Kistin Keller participated in the fifth-annual Mayor and County Recognition Day for National Service today. They honored local volunteers at the 2018 National Service Recognition Day luncheon and awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Local AmeriCorps and Senior Corps were in attendance, as well as members of the public. Across the country, more than 5,200 local elected officials recognized AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps volunteers for their service. These participating officials represent more than 216 million Americans.

The nation’s mayors and county officials are increasingly turning to national service to address local challenges. By unleashing the power of citizens, AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs have a positive and lasting impact – making our cities and counties better places to live. From helping communities ravaged by hurricanes recover, to fighting the opioid epidemic, to helping seniors lead independent and healthy lives, national service members act locally to address America's toughest challenges head on.

"I am grateful for the selfless work that so many people pour into our city. The culture of service is a long-standing tradition among Burqueños. We put family first in this city and family means your neighbor, your co-worker and anyone that may need a helping hand. Albuquerque is a better place because of our volunteers. You are truly the heart of this city.”

This year’s honorees include:

2018 Volunteer of the Year: Michael Griego

2018 Youth Volunteer of the Year: Brian Bishop

2018 Rising Star of the Year: Leila Salim

2018 Volunteer Group of the Year: Rosalie Multari and Girl Scout Troop 47

2018 Senior Volunteer of the Year: Warren Janke

2018 Corporate Volunteer Group of the Year: PNM Community Crew

2018 Lifetime Achievement: Roberta “Berta” Wagstaff

2018 In Memory of: Tim Stepetic