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Mayor Keller Highlights APD Access to Video Cameras Along Central Corridor

The Albuquerque Police Department now has access to video cameras at Albuquerque Rapid Transit stations.

August 28, 2018

Mayor Tim Keller announced that the Albuquerque Police Department now has access to 88 new video cameras at the Albuquerque Rapid Transit stations that run along the Central Corridor.

APD’s Real Time Crime Center can access the video from those cameras at any time, which helps officers investigate crimes and accidents. The cameras also act as a deterrent to crime.

“Part of bringing the A.R.T. corridor back to life is making the area safer and more vibrant for our city,” Mayor Keller said. “I want our officers to have all of the tools to fight crime and be responsive to business owners in Nob Hill, commuters on the east and west sides of town, students in the University corridor and residents in all of these communities.”

The city’s A.R.T. stations have security cameras at every location from the Central/Unser Transit Center on the West Side to the Tramway station on the far East Side. The stations also include an emergency 911 button on the kiosk.

Since taking office, Mayor Keller pushed APD and the Transit Department to work together to sync up the new camera system with the Real Time Crime Center. Analysts at the center can instantly access a live feed from their monitors, just as they can access cameras throughout the city, including those that are mounted on traffic lights.