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Mayor Keller Directs City to Maximize Social Distancing While Continuing Essential Services

Procedures for City employees on mandatory telework, decentralization of field operations, and more

March 15, 2020

Today, Mayor Tim Keller directed City of Albuquerque employees to maximize social distancing while the City maintains essential services. To mitigate the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the City announced the following procedures and will provide information to City employees through each Department, including:  

  • Mandatory telework for all employees who can do so.
  • Decentralized field operations for essential employees who can work in a dispersed fashion and will stay exclusively in the field.
  • Non-essential employees who cannot telework will stay home.

The procedures will take effect beginning Monday, March 16. City employees not reporting to work because of the City’s Coronavirus policies will receive paid leave.

Mayor Keller said, “Social distancing is a proven booster shot to reducing the spread of the Coronavirus and reducing the risks in our community, including for the local healthcare system. We had already taken steps to ensure that no City employee has to choose between staying home when they have symptoms and getting a paycheck. While we’re keeping critical services running, we need everyone in Albuquerque to do their part by maximizing social distancing in every way possible, including avoiding mass gatherings and protecting vulnerable populations.”

Additional update: All BioPark facilities will be closed until after April 15, including indoor and outdoor exhibits.

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