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Mayor Keller Administration Sends ‘Albuquerque Rescue Plan’ to City Council

Proposal for federal recovery funds directs millions to direct aid and ‘New Deal’ style job creation

April 16, 2020
Today, Mayor Tim Keller sent the Albuquerque Rescue Plan, his administration’s proposal to allocate the first round of federal stimulus funds that the City will receive directly under the American Rescue Plan Act including the Homelessness Assistance and Supportive Services Program, to the City Council. The plan reflects Mayor Keller’s approach throughout the pandemic – channeling resources to families and businesses in need and spurring economic growth and infrastructure investment that will lay the groundwork for a strong recovery.

“Albuquerque has carved its own path through this pandemic. We shifted our City resources to crisis response, got direct aid to our businesses, and shored up the safety net that became vital to our residents. Now we’re poised to make sure that recovery reaches every corner of our city,” said Mayor Keller. “The Albuquerque Rescue Plan is about building back Burque. Now, we can increase our support for local businesses and families, while creating good jobs with New Deal-style infrastructure investments.”

The proposal contains just over $64 million in recovery funds from the first phase of federal stimulus. The plan allocates roughly half of the funds to direct financial relief for Albuquerque residents and businesses hardest hit by the pandemic and the other half builds on the City’s ongoing New Deal-style job creating infrastructure investment initiatives and public safety improvements. The funding would allow the City to break ground on urgent improvements and repairs on deteriorating infrastructure that have been deferred for the last decade.