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LSI Hiring in Albuquerque

Chicago-area Service Center, Lending Solutions Inc. officially opens its doors in Downtown Albuquerque.

On Monday, June 3, 2019 Lending Solutions Inc., or LSI, a Chicago-area based financial contact service center, officially opened its doors at Century Plaza, located at 400 Tijeras Ave, in Downtown Albuquerque. LSI is a financial service industry and provides customer service, loan services, and collection activities for credit unions, banks, and other U.S. financial institutions.

LSI has already hired 28 employees in its first round of hiring for the Albuquerque office and has relocated supervisor level employees from their Illinois offices to manage and train the new staff. LSI anticipates hiring adding 81 positions in 2019 and approximately 170 new jobs over the next three years. LSI is currently hiring in Albuquerque with its next cohorts expected in August and October. A majority of the new positions are customer service positions - financial service agents, with a starting hourly wage of $14 - $15 an hour, plus benefits. Applicants do not need to have a deep background in financial services, as LSI provides paid workforce training through its LSI Academy. Many of LSI’s employees begin their careers as customer service agents and gain skills to move up the career ladder to process loan applications, and eventually become loan underwriters.

LSI selected Albuquerque over Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. In its national search, the company had 3 criteria; they wanted to move at least one time zone to the west to accommodate its growing west coast business, a location with access to a university, and a strong bilingual population – all of which Albuquerque offers. LSI selected to locate in Downtown Albuquerque because the City of Albuquerque and Albuquerque Economic Development shared revitalization plans for the downtown area and LSI, wanting to be a good community partner, wanted to be part of the positive change to revitalize Downtown.

“Activating a safe downtown is a priority for my administration, and by adding professional service employers to the area, like LSI, we will further that mission,” said Mayor Keller. “The more people in the area, the safer the area becomes. In order to make Downtown Albuquerque safe, people need to be present and contribute to an atmosphere of safety. This is a vital addition to that effort as we continue to prioritize safety in Albuquerque.”

With over 170 new employees in Downtown over the next 3 years, Downtown will see a significant increase in its human presence.

“LSI is committed to Albuquerque. They believe in its potential, appreciate the passion of its people, and will be an active member of the community. We are thrilled to welcome LSI to Albuquerque.” said Synthia Jaramillo, City of Albuquerque Economic Development Director. “With the addition of LSI we expect to see a positive economic impact of $32 million. As part of that impact our downtown small businesses will benefit from the trickled-down effects when LSI employees patronize eateries and other small businesses in Downtown.”

LSI was established in 1994 with multiple office location in Illinois. LSI is dedicated to helping children and families in need through its volunteer and fundraising efforts for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. LSI generated more than $45 million in revenue in 2018.

Those interested in applying should visit LSI’s website,