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Legislature, City Improving Safety at City View Park

Mayor Keller announces lighting to increase safety and accessible hours

February 4, 2020

Legislative funding is helping make a popular City park safer and more accessible with sustainable new solar lights. Mayor Tim Keller announced that new lighting is on track to be installed at City View Park by the Departments of Municipal Development and Parks and Recreation.

City View Park is nestled in the foothills and has a playground, basketball courts, and a beautiful grass field. The new solar lighting will assist with safety and also allow residents to enjoy the park later in the evening. The park will get six new solar lights.

“We’re working with legislators to demonstrate our commitment to safe, accessible parks,” said Mayor Keller. “Our goal is for every resident to live within a 10-minute walk of a park, and these lights will make sure that even at night, a good game of touch football is within easy reach for the area.”

Mayor Keller would like to thank State Representative Abbas Akhil for contributing $50,000 dollars to help the community enjoy this park. The new lighting is anticipated to be installed this year. 

A satellite image of City View Park with markers of the new lighting that will be installed there in 2020.