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Councilor Klarissa Peña Hosts Albuquerque Police Job Fair on April 16

Interested in working for the Albuquerque Police Department? Join us at an upcoming job fair.

City Councilor Klarissa Peña is hosting an Albuquerque Police Department Job Fair in District 3 on Saturday, April 16 at two seperate locations:

Serving Community

Councilor Peña believes a multicultural law enforcement agency made up of men and women from our neighborhoods is more easily able to understand and connect with the diverse issues in our community and can be more effective at policing.

Along with recruiting potential candidates as police officers, Albuquerque Police also will accept applications for Police Service Aides, Transport Officers, and 911 operators. 

There are also opportunities for high school youth to become an Albuquerque Police Department intern, where they can learn more about careers in criminal justice.

More Information

For more information please call (505) 768-3127 or email [email protected].