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Neighborhood Associations

The Importance of Neighborhood Associations

What is a Neighborhood Association?

A neighborhood association is a group of residents who meet regularly to accomplish specific goals in their neighborhood. The association may include:

  • homeowners
  • renters
  • business owners
  • school faculty or staff
  • church officials
  • members of non-profit organizations

Depending on the goals of the group, meetings may be held twice a year, once a quarter or every month.

What does a Neighborhood Association do?

Neighborhood associations:

  • help identify challenges and concerns
  • support change and improvement efforts
  • help resolve conflicts
  • provide volunteers for community initiatives
  • represent the neighborhood as a whole to elected officials
  • find resources to make the neighborhood a better place to live

Most people don’t realize that when neighborhoods crumble around them, it is their lack of involvement that allowed it to happen. Most people also don’t realize that when their neighborhood is improving, it is only because their neighbors are getting involved.

Get Involved!

It is now time for you to get involved, for yourself, your family, and your neighbors. You can start small — just show up at your local neighborhood association meetings. Find out what’s going on, bring your concerns, if you have any, but mostly, meet your neighbors. There is a world of knowledge and information easily available to you, just come to a few meetings. You might even enjoy yourself or make new friends.

Find out if you live in one of the City of Albuquerque’s recognized neighborhood associations.   If there is not a neighborhood association operating where you live, contact the Southwest Alliance of Neighbors, a coalition of neighborhood associations in District 3.