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118th Street SW Improvements

Information and resources for the improvement project.

Project Purpose118th Street

This project will improve 118th Street SW between Dennis Chavez Blvd SW and Amole Mesa Ave SW to increase functionality and resolve the safety concerns on 118th Street.  Adjacent residents travel this corridor between residential areas, Atrisco Heritage High School and George Sanchez Middle School.  

Several options for adding sidewalks, a multi-use trail, improved bike lanes, medians and landscaping will be considered.  118th Street is a point of conflict for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle transportation modes.  The road improvements will increase the safety of this community by providing a safe space for the community members that walk to and from the nearby schools and where one might practice outdoor recreation, and deter illegal dumping by blocking access to the mesa with landscaping. The existing sidewalks on the east side of 118th St do not connect all the way to Dennis Chavez, and there are no pedestrian facilities on the west side of the street.

Project History

In 2020, City Councilor Klarissa Peña secured funding for a transportation study that includes a traffic analysis, safety audit, analysis of potential improvements that will mitigate identified deficiencies, ranking of three alternatives, and a recommendation for a preferred alternative.  The study began in early 2021.

A public meeting was held via Zoom on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 to present the draft report and three alternatives and to receive input from the community.

Send comments by May 11, 2021 to:  [email protected].  

Project Cost

The construction cost of the project will depend on the alternative that is preferred.  Cost estimates for the three alternatives are included in the presentation and in the report (links included above).

Project Timeline

Once a preferred alternative is determined, funding will need to be secured for design and construction.  The availability of funding will influence the project timeline.

Project Contact

Diane Dolan, Special Projects Analyst

City Council Services

505-452-7669 mobile

[email protected]