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City Councilors Klarissa Peña and Pat Davis Introduce Resolution to Strengthen Albuquerque's Status as an Immigrant Friendly City

Resolution-18-07 to be introduced at January 17th City Council Meeting

Today Albuquerque City Councilors Klarissa Peña and Pat Davis introduced a resolution to strengthen Albuquerque’s status as an immigrant friendly city. The new resolution R-18-07 builds on Albuquerque’s nearly two decades of being an immigrant friendly city by clarifying old protections and adding additional protections for Albuquerque’s immigrant community.

“As city councilors, we are bound by our oaths of office to pass policies designed to make Albuquerque as safe as possible. Strengthening our “immigrant friendly policies” not only does that but also expresses our perspective that the politics of fear coming from Washington are not what’s best for Albuquerque,” said City Councilor Klarissa Peña. “This resolution ensures that no city resources will be used to enforce immigration laws. That means no more ICE at the prisoner transport center.”  

The resolution clarifies that no City resources, including but not limited to moneys, equipment, personnel, or City facilities, can be used to assist in or otherwise facilitate the enforcement of federal immigration law.

“While our long-standing immigrant friendly resolution from 2000 already states ‘No municipal resources shall be used to identify individuals' immigration status or apprehend persons on the sole basis of immigration status,’ the previous administration provided ICE a desk in our Prisoner Transport Center, making the claim that office space was not a resource,” said City Councilor Pat Davis, “We want to be sure no future administration attempts to exploit loopholes that unfairly target our immigrant populations.”

Davis Continued, “At a time when our President refers to immigrants as murders and rapists and defames their home countries, it’s more important than ever to not only reaffirm our commitment to our immigrant brothers and sisters but to go farther and strengthen that commitment.”

The resolution also calls for:

  • No City agency, department, officer, employee, or agent to collect, make, or initiate any inquiry regarding the citizenship or immigration status
  • Refusing access to all non-public areas of City property by federal immigration agents who do not present a judicial warrant issued specifically requiring such access
  • City agencies, departments, officers, employees, or agents to not disclose any personal information about any person
  • For all City residents to have equal access to the City services
  • All City departments to review their policies for compliance with the resolution and report back to the Council within six months