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City Council and County Commission to Consider $1 million appropriation bill for Mountain View Neighborhood and South Valley

Bernalillo County Commission's bill mirrors the City Council’s bill to engage the community to identify needed pollution abatement measures
February 04, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – The Albuquerque City Council will vote whether to approve a $1 million appropriation for community engagement and the development of pollution abatement measures for the Mountain View Neighborhood. Albuquerque City Councilor for District 3 Klarissa Peña sponsored the bill. Bernalillo County District 2 Commissioner Steven Quezada is sponsor of the County Commission bill.

The City Council’s resolution would make funds available from the City's 2024 General Operating Fund and from the City's Capital Program appropriations for the pollution abatement effort. City departments will be required to collaborate with Mountain View Neighborhood members to identify any adverse impacts of pollution affecting the community. The bill also directs the City to develop solutions and implement abatement measures.

"Mountain View neighbors have long sought solutions to the poor air quality in their neighborhood," said Councilor Peña. "This bill will begin the process of engaging with the neighbors to identify ways to meaningfully address their concerns and improve the air quality for our city. This resolution, along with the County Commission bill, will protect public health, and that is the primary function of our government."

If passed, the bill will require the City to prepare a report to be shared with the Council within three months. That report should document the results of the community engagement sessions and the pollution abatement measures to be taken.

“Our entire community here in the South Valley and Bernalillo County will benefit from this joint effort,” Commissioner Quezada said. “These environmental impacts to our health should never be ignored or swept aside. I look forward to hearing from the communities in the South Valley and bringing solutions to the table.”