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February 2024 Community Policing Council Webinar Recordings

View the Community Policing Council recordings from the six area commands SW, FH, NE, NW, SE, VA,
  • Valley
    • February 22. 2024
      • “Revolving Door Justice”, Truth or Fiction?
        Introduction of Participants:
        Josh Boone, Chief Deputy, Second Judicial District Attorney
        Brit Baca-Miller, Judge, Second Judicial District Court
        Harold Medina, Chief, Albuquerque Police Department
        Deirdre Ewing, Attorney, Law Office of the Public Defende
  • Northwest
    • February 21, 2024
      • Karl.Swanson, Deputy District Attorney in Justice Reform
      • Jodi Esquibel, Deputy Director and Walter Adams , Division Manager with
        Albuquerque Community Safety, ACS update
  • Northeast
    • February 13, 2024
      • Guest Speakers: Eric Garcia, Superintendent of Police Reform
  • Foothills
    • February 12, 2024
      • Presentation by. Eric Olivas, County Commissioner District 5 and business owner;
        Former Chairman of CPOAB and Chair of NE CPC
  • Southwest 
    • February 7, 2024
      • Deputy Commander Jay Ratliff, Special Victims Section (SVS)
      • Carlton T. Mayers II, Esq. He will be speaking on how Albuquerque can continue the progress created by the court Approval settlement agreement after the independent monitors are no longer necessary. He will give a preview to next month’s meeting, “What happens after the CASA.”