Monthly Meeting Calendar

2021 CPC Meeting Calendar  

To join any of the CPC meetings below, please click on the link to register. Once you register, you will receive meeting reminders via email from Zoom for the meeting you registered for until the end of the year. 


September 2021

Meeting Title Date Time Zoom Info

Southwest CPC Monthly Meeting:

9/1 6 PM

CPOAB Policy and Procedure Review Subcommittee

9/2 4:30 PM

Contact Valerie Barela [email protected]

Marketing and Branding Committee: 9/4 10 AM
SW CPC Post Webinar meeting 9/6 6:30 PM  SWCPC Members only
Foothills CPC Monthly Meeting:  9/13 6 PM
NE CPC Monthly Meeting 9/14 6:30 PM,

Off-Cycle P&P 9/15 1 PM

Contact Angelina Medina, [email protected]

NW CPC Monthly Meeting  9/15 6 PM
SE CPC Monthly Meeting 9/16 6 PM

Policy and Procedure Unit Meeting 9/22 1 PM

Contact Angelina Medina, [email protected]

Valley CPC Monthly Meeting  9/23 6 PM
SW CPC Pre Meeting 9/27 6:30 PM

SW CPC Members only