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Community Policing Council Guidelines

Requirements to Serve as a Council Member

Review the current Community Policing Council Guidelines

Review the CPC Ordinance

The Albuquerque Community Policing Council is looking for caring, community-oriented, and engaged city of Albuquerque residents, looking to improve policing in their communities. 

  • Our mission statement is To Communicate, cooperate, and collaborate to build trust, leading to safer, community-oriented policing.

We are tasked with taking voting action on APD policy issues and recommendations bought forth by the public and through council participation, organizing a monthly meeting that keeps the local community engaged with policing issues, and fulfilling stronger ties between APD and the City of Albuquerque.

The only requirements for membership are that prospective Councilmembers must be over 18 at the time of application and live, or work within the boundaries of one of the 6 APD Area Commands. There is no education or employment pre-requisite to serve on one of the six local councils*. As we are an agency tasked with promoting change, a progressive outlook is helpful, and the position calls for a minimum of roughly 8-10 hours per month. 

Prospective council members are asked to submit a Statement of Interest which will be considered by the local Council chairperson, and he/she will then be invited to meet with council members. Prior participation in the monthly meetings is looked upon favorably, as is a passion for helping institute closer ties between APD and the community, a positive work ethic, new ideas, and a desire to institute positive change.


*There are opportunities for supplemental education through the Albuquerque Community Policing Councils, such as ride-alongs with APD, and attendance in the Community Policing Academy, which will necessitate a background check for active felony warrants, active criminal charges, an excessive background of criminal history, or misdemeanor or DWI arrests in the past three years.