Community Policing Council Recommendations

Information about Community Policing Council Recommendations.

These are recommendations that have been passed by the independent community policing councils and submitted to the Albuquerque Police Department. The councils are established to help facilitate positive change between the community and Albuquerque Police Department.

The recommendations are responded to in writing via the Chief of Police.

Recommendations Process

  1. Recommendation Submitted to CPC Manager
  2. CPC Manager delivers recommendation to CPC Administration for tracking
  3. CPC Administration Assistant send recommendation to APD for review
  4. Albuquerque Police Department researches options for recommendation and returns decision to CPC Administration Assistant for tracking
  5. CPC Administration Assistant forwards APD response to CPC Manager for delivery to CPC Council

Recommendations Status Definitions

  • Submitted - A CPC member has submitted a recommendation to the CPC Manager.
  • In Review - Recommendation has been routed to the appropriate APD Division/ Section for a response.
  • Completed - Response to recommendation has been provided to the submitting CPC.

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Foothills Northeast Northwest Southeast Southwest Valley All CPCs


Recommendation Status
Resolution of appreciation of two members  Completed
East Central and Tramway bus Turn-Around
Illegal and straw sales and purchase of alcohol in the Foothills area 
Crime Prevention and Camping Prevention Needed at Singing-Arrow Park
Resolution 06-01-2021 Appointment of two FH CPC member 
Public Safety Concerns and Unvetted Voucher Distribution to motels at Tramway/Central 06-14-2021 
21-13: Police Vehicle Selection, Appearance,
and Equipment
21-12: Street Racing Mark-up  Completed 
20-10: Safety Concern, Overnight Camping in Singing
Arrow Park
20-08: Uncontrolled Late-Night Use of Piedra Lisa
20-07: Regarding Block Captains Completed
20-05: Manzano Mesa After Hours Disturbances Completed
19-12: APD Volunteers Completed
19-08: Reserve Unit Completed
19-07: Youth and Community Outreach Sub-Committee Completed
19-06: Violent Crime Statistics Completed
19-03: Joe Abbin's Book; "ABQ Blues" Completed
18-09: Relocate APD Museum Completed
18-08: Allow Rehire of Retired Officer completed


Recommendation Status
22-02 Discipline process review of use of force cases Completed 
22-01 Pilot to review OBRD for use of force Completed 
21-16 Monthly Crime Statistics Completed
NE CPC Crime Statistics Report Out for NE Area Command Submitted
21-11: Command Staff Responsibilities  Completed
19-13: CPC Meeting Availability for the Entire Community Completed
19-05: Albuquerque Alarm System Ordinance (Previously responded on 17-04) Completed
19-04: APD Response to Minor Vehicle Accidents (Previously responded on 17-05) Completed
19-02: Dispatch and Service Call Routing
19-01: Radio Site-Along Completed
17-09: Citizens Police Academy In Review
17-08: Neighborhood Watch and Safety Advocates Committee Completed
17-07: Community Policing Council Outreach Position Submitted
17-01: Bike Patrol Submitted
16-10: Teen Driving Encounters with Police Submitted
16-07: Staffing Levels Completed
16-06: Community Police Council Summit Completed
16-05: Website Updates for City and Area Commands Completed


Recommendation Status
21-15: APD Equipment for Vehicles Completed
21-14: APD Traffic Unit Completed
18-05: Community Patrol Officers Completed
18-04: Bicycle Evidence Completed
18-03: Vehicle Ambush Prevention Technology Completed
18-02: Naloxone Training and Equipment Completed
18-01: APD Show Cars Completed
17-03: Safe Exchange Zone Submitted
17-02: Mail Theft and Vandalism Submitted
16-03: Rescue Devices to Ensure Public Safety Completed
16-02: Hearing Protection for Animals Completed


Recommendation Status
19-11: Evaluation Real-Time Reporting Completed
19-10: APD APP Completed
19-09: Improvements Necessary to the Classification and Reporting for 10-Code Completed
18-07: Increased Awareness for Reporting Completed
18-06: Substation Area Command Completed


Recommendation Status
18-10: Online Reporting Submitted
17-06: Speech to Text Completed
17-05: Non-Injury TC Completed
17-04: False Alarms Completed


Recommendation Status
Social Media supervisor  Completed
Area Commander Tenure Completed
16-09: Encounters with Police Brochures  Completed
16-08: ONC Position Completed
16-04: Voice Recognition Software Implementation Completed
16-01: Bicycle Patrol Completed

All Six Community Policing Councils

Recommendation Status
20-01: Ride-Along for CPC Members Completed

Recommendation Process Map Illustration

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