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June 2024 Community Policing Council Webinar Recordings

View the Community Policing Council recordings from the six area commands VA, SE, NW, NE, FH, SW
  • Valley
    • June 27, 2024 
      • Overdose Prevention, Treatment and Intervention Court [OPT-In], BernCo
        Metro Court Judge Claire McDaniel.
        Begun in Spring 2023, OPT-In Court works with MDC inmates at high risk for
        overdose to get treatment and resources, with the agreement of the DA and Public Defender.
  • Northwest 
    • June 19, 2024 
  • Foothills
    • June 10, 2024
      • Erika L. Wilson, Emergency Communications Center Manager, Albuquerque
        Police Department - Understanding the new 911 system and related issues involved with
        emergency calls