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Albuquerque City Clerk’s Office Launches Social Media Outreach

New Efforts by Clerk Will Increase Transparency & Public Awareness of Elections

December 12, 2018

In an effort to keep constituents informed about upcoming elections, ethics reforms, public records, administrative hearings, and overall transparency initiatives at City Hall, City Clerk Katy Duhigg today announced the launch of official social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

“Through our social media accounts, we will be better able to keep Albuquerque residents informed about the important work we’re doing here in the Clerk’s office,” said Duhigg. “We’ll also be better able to alert folks to upcoming events, and elections that they may want to participate in.”

In the coming months, the City Clerk’s office will be actively participating in the legislative session, running a special mail-in election with important updates to the City’s public financing system for Mayoral and Council campaigns, organizing with the 2020 Census, and managing petition and public financing qualifications for the 2019 City Council races.

To learn more please follow the Albuquerque City Clerk’s office on Twitter or Facebook @CABQCityClerk.