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Intragovernmental Conference Committee

Information about the Intragovernmental Conference Committee

As outlined in the City Charter, Article XIX, adopted by voters in 2009, and then implemented by ordinance (ROA 1994, Sections 2-16-1 through -5), the citizens of Albuquerque created the Intragovernmental Conference Committee as a mechanism for the City to resolve disputes between the executive and legislative branches of government. As a result, the Committee will assist the City in resolving disputes between the City Council and the Office of the Mayor.


(A)   Issues have arisen in the past and will arise in the future over the respective duties and obligations of the City Council, the legislative branch of city government, and the Mayor, the executive branch of city government.
(B)   Litigation, while available to resolve these issues, does not serve the best interests of the city in terms of ensuring an expeditious resolution that minimizes adversity.
(C)   The voters of the City of Albuquerque approved a City Charter amendment directing that disputes over the respective duties and obligations of the legislative and executive branches of city government be resolved by a three person conference committee utilizing procedures to be adopted by ordinance.
(D)   This article is adopted in compliance with the City Charter to establish the procedures for the Intragovernmental Conference Committee.

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The Committee's membership involves appointments by both the City Council and the Mayor. The City Council appoints one member by a majority vote, with a four-year term unless otherwise specified. This appointee serves until a replacement is named, and the Council can replace them at any time, except during a pending dispute.

The Mayor appoints another member whose term expires with the Mayor’s term, unless a shorter term is specified. This appointee also serves until replaced and can be replaced at any time, except during an ongoing dispute.

The third member, who serves as the chairperson, is selected by the Council and Mayor's appointees. This selection doesn’t require approval from either the Mayor or the City Council. The chairperson’s term coincides with the Mayor’s term but extends if there is a pending dispute.

Appointments are independent of approval from the other authority. There are no term limits for appointees, ensuring continuity. While no specific qualifications are required, members should handle complex municipal governance issues and aim to find consensus as independent public servants, not as advocates for the Mayor or City Council.

Upcoming Meetings


Cristobal Rocha

Program Admin

Office of the City Clerk




600 2nd St. NW

Albuquerque, NM 87102


If you are a member of the public who has a disability and requires accommodations to attend or participate in the meeting, such as sign language interpretation, an amplifier, a reader, or any other form of accommodation, please contact Cristobal Rocha at 505-767-5873 at least 5 days prior to the meeting. Furthermore, if you require public documents, such as meeting agendas, in an accessible format, please contact Cristobal Rocha.