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V. Program Funding Sources

The funds that provide the basic source for projects of the City's Public Art Program are those referred to as the 1% for Art Funds.

A. G. O. Bond Funds - (1% for Art Funds):

A large "ribbon" of purple steel winding along a wall at the airport.

This refers to the set aside of 1% of the costs for capital projects funded by voter-approved General Obligation Bonds. The 1% funds are to be used for the acquisition and installation of artworks for a facility of the same department as specified by the bond purpose. No more than twenty percent and no less than fifteen percent of the total amount for works of art may be expended for the administrative costs of the program.

B. Revenue Bond Funds:

Another major funding source for City construction and, therefore, for public art acquisitions is revenue bond funds. If Revenue Bond Funds yield 1% for Art Funds, then these Guidelines shall be followed.

C. Other Funds - Public Sector or Private Sector:

Participating funds for public art projects may be identified or solicited from other public sector agencies, private foundations and granting bodies, businesses, organizations or individuals.

  1. The Program and/or the Board may seek private donations of funds, Works of Art, publicly awarded funds or other services including in-kind services necessary for the development of the Program.
  2. The Board may recommend approval or denial of projects to the Mayor on the appropriateness of any financial contributions towards an art project.
  3. Donations of funds and/or Works of Art are subject to the same administrative procedures and criteria, including User Department approval, as projects generated from City public funds.