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The Public Art Process and Goals

Information about the Public Art Program utilizing formal processes of consensus building and securing private and public partnerships.

Representative bronze sculpture depicting a public safety figure holding a small child.The Public Art Program utilizes formal processes of consensus building and securing private and public partnerships as well as design, development, implementation, documentation and conservation of capital and cultural projects initiated and supported by the City and the community. Art Program Guidelines for Selection of Artists and Works of Art, and plans such as The Murals Plan and El Camino Real Plan provide the structure by which the Public Art Program implements all phases of capital and cultural projects.

In developing the Public Art Collection of the City of Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Arts Board and the Administration of the City have established these goals to guide the Board, staff of the Public Art Program and the City:

  • The Public Art Collection will reflect the diverse spectrum of beliefs, cultural heritage and traditions, and artistic expressions of Albuquerque and New Mexico.
  • The Public Art Collection will include Works of Art representing a broad variety of media and styles and support community interests to have an aesthetically built environment.
  • The Public Art Program will endeavor to provide opportunities for artists of all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, artists with disabilities, and artists of all other diverse groups.
  • The Program will identify and pursue additional sources of funds and donations of Works of Art to the City of Albuquerque.
  • The Program will develop public art projects which enhance the urban environment of public spaces as well as the visual design form and content of the city; which enhance a particular community; and, which may enhance the tourist and economic potential of Albuquerque and particular sites within the community.
  • The Program, will pursue opportunities to inform the public regarding public art including possibilities for public participation in all phases of the public art process.
  • The Program will promote the visual arts of Albuquerque and New Mexico and, inform and work to increase understanding within the community about the purposes and meaning of the Works of Art in the Collection.
  • The Program will document, maintain and conserve Works of Art in the Collection, regardless of the source of acquisition.