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Policies and Plans

A list of some of the documents that help guide Albuquerque's Public Art Program.

The Art in Municipal Places Ordinance was established in 1978 and created the purpose of the Public Art Program and the Arts Board, as well as the funding mechanism for the acquisition of public artworks.

The Arts Board By-Laws, Rules of Procedure and Code of Conduct is a guide to the operations and policies of the Arts Board.

The Public Art Program Guidelines help guide the Arts Board, Public Art Staff and the general public when it comes to the processes for acquiring public artworks as well as decommissioning existing artworks.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement was adopted by the Albuquerque Arts Board in January, 2020.  

Unsolicited Proposal Guidelines- Download the guidelines to learn more about submitting exiting works or proposals to be considered by the Public Art Program.

The Mural Policy guides the implementation of new murals in Albuquerque.

The Public Art Strategic Plan 2013-2014 was created in January, 2013. It is a short-term plan that will help guide the decision-making of the Arts Board into 2014. Our Public Art Survey results heavily informed the plan. Also look at our Logic Model, which helped organize the Strategic Plan.

The Camino Real Plan (1996) was created in 1996 to help guide the acquisition of artworks for the historic Camino Real, currently known as 4th Street.