Lost and Found

Art and Stories from the Pandemic.

Lost & Found is a space for the community to reflect and share stories or photos of loss and/or learning since March 2020. The temporary public art installation features more than 500 black and white paper flags designed by nine local artists. The flags represent various situations; thoughts; emotions; types of loss; hope; challenges; victories; and more felt during the pandemic.

How to Participate

Community members can get involved by sharing their own stories of lost and found. From September 1-14, Lost & Found attendants will collect stories and/or photos that will be used in a larger video project documenting the local impact of the pandemic that will be shared with the community. Attendants will accept written stories and printed photos. They will also be available to transcribe spoken stories. In-person hours will be 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 4; Sunday, Sept. 5; Saturday, Sept. 11; and Sunday, Sept. 12.

In-person delivery of stories/photos to attendants at Civic Plaza is highly encouraged as it is part of the overall experience of using this shared space to share and reflect. Alternatively, community members can send their stories/photos via email to [email protected].

The goal is to collect at least 550 stories/photos (that is the number of days between March 13, 2020 and September 14, 2021).

Watch: Lost and Found


Installation Information

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