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III. ABQ Arts Board

A. Purpose:

Computer illustrated portrait of a figure in multiple colors.

The Arts Board is responsible in broad terms, for making recommendations to the Mayor regarding acquisition of works of art for City facilities and regarding programs and facilities which further development of the visual arts. The Arts Board is also responsible for establishment of regulations or guidelines which are necessary to carry out the purposes of the Ordinance. The Arts Board shall advocate for the program and the process and the procedures that guide the acquisition and care of public artworks.

B. Membership:

Established by the ordinance and governed by the Albuquerque City Charter regulations covering all citizen advisory Boards and Commission, the Arts Board consists of eleven members, all of whom shall reside in the City of Albuquerque, one representative from each of the nine Council districts and two at-large members. When a vacancy occurs, the respective City Councilor identifies two individuals whose names are forwarded to the Mayor for selection of one candidate whose name is then returned for City Council approval. At-large candidates shall be identified by City Council and then follow the same process. Each member is appointed to a three year term which may be renewed once. The terms are staggered. Board members generally represent all fields of the visual arts, including knowledgeable lay persons and represent the diversity of the community. Current Board members should encourage community members to apply to fill vacancies on the Board through the City’s official Board and Commissions procedures.

C. Arts Board Duties:

Beyond those duties and responsibilities specifically described in the Art in Public Places Ordinance, Arts Board members will be expected to, 1) attend monthly board meetings; 2) attend, and represent the Arts Board at Art Selection Committee meetings which may include chairing such committees; 3) participate in public art dedication ceremonies and events; 4) maintain communications with their respective City Councilors or appointing official if they are serving in At Large positions; and 5) participate in determining the general direction of the Public Art Program.

D. Committees:

The Arts Board may establish various forms of committees to assist in carrying out the goals of the Arts Board and Public Art Program. The size and duration of committees vary according to the scope of various projects. The most common committees are the project specific Art Selection Committees. The Unsolicited Proposal Committee is a standing committee for the purpose of reviewing unsolicited proposals for artwork to become part of the Public Art Collection. The Unsolicited Proposal Committee shall be established at the same time as the election of the Chair and the Vice-Chair and shall serve for one year. There shall be a minimum of three and a maximum of five Arts Board members serving on this special Committee.

E. Conflict of Interest:

Article XII of the Albuquerque City Charter establishes the conflict of interest provisions for city officials including members of City Boards or Commissions.  Through the appointment process, each Board member has acknowledged that they have reviewed those provisions of the City Charter and certified that they have no known conflict of interest that would disqualify them from serving on the Board via the City’s Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Agreement. If a conflict of interest should arise during their term of service, the Board member has agreed to disclose such conflict to the Mayor’s Office and shall not participate in any official action of the Board related to the subject matter that is the source of the conflict of interest.