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VII. Collection Maintenance and Conservation

A. Documentation

Series of abstract, orange sculptures located in the San Mateo Mini Park.The Public Art Program shall have responsibility to document, maintain, conserve and when appropriate, restore Works of Art in the Albuquerque Public Art Collection. By ordinance, stewardship of the Collection is a significant mandate of the Albuquerque Arts Board. When the Notice of Acceptance is issued and ownership of the Work of Art is transferred to the City, the Public Art Urban Enhancement Program shall protect the value, integrity and authenticity of the Work of Art, and shall comply with the Visual Artist’s Rights Act of 1990, Title 17, United States Code, as amended.

B. Maintenance and Conservation

Maintenance and conservation are to be carried out by qualified Program consultants, who may also review proposals by artists. During planning for a public art project, maintenance issues will be identified and addressed regarding the use of materials, fabrication techniques, structural engineering, foundation and site design, and any other considerations related to longevity and durability. The conservation effort includes condition assessment reports of Works of Art in the Collection, integrated with the Program data base and updated periodically.