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ABQ Fire App - Front Screen ABQ Fire App - Front Screen

Image of the front screen of the ABQ Fire app. showing the AFR logo, the location of your selected fire station, and the text: The Albuquerque Fire Department is a paid Municipal department, comprised of 700 uniformed personnel, serving a jurisdiction of more than 182 square miles and an estimated metropolitan population of 901,700. The purpose of the Albuquerque Fire Department is to serve the community by providing all hazards planning, prevention and response that promotes public safety and trust while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of it's firefighters.

Where's My Bus - Map Where's My Bus - Map

Image of the bus-tracking map for the Where's My Bus application showing route 766 in red on the top, with a road map showing 3 red bus icons on a red highlighted road with arrows pointing in their direction of travel. Below the map it has the words 7 busses and the time. The URL is seen above the map.

Recycle Coach Screenshot Recycle Coach Screenshot

A screenshot image of the Recycle Coach mobile app. showing a row of recycling bins on a street above link boxes for Calendar, What Goes Where?, What Type of Recycler Are You?, Contact Us, Support, and News.

WMB Desktop WMB Desktop

A screenshot of the desktop view of Where's My Bus showing a street map with 6 red bus icons on a red highlighted road and arrows pointing in their direction of travel. There is a Bus & Shuttle Tracking menu on the right of the image that shows options to select UNM shuttles, or ABQ Ride routes and a list of specific routes under that.