Class Description

Throughout this course the attendee will be presented with information on CSI procedures and protocol was well as being an active participant in weekly hands on crime scene processing exercises.

The attendee will be introduced and participate in:

Crime Scene Photography - scene photography to include photography techniques in dark and lighted scenes

Fingerprinting - scene processing with powders, chemicals, super glue fuming, and elimination ink prints

DNA / Blood Spatter - analysis of cast off spatter, dripping blood, projected blood, and chemical presumptive testing

Firearms - distance determination, trajectory, ballistic analysis, and tool mark casting

Diagramming and Evidence Processing - scene documentation, reconstruction capabilities, evidence detection, preservation, and collection

Chemistry / Alcohol - drug and alcohol recognition, chemical presumptive testing, meth lab processing, and evidence collection

Crime Scene Investigation - scene procedures, forensic techniques, special equipment, diagramming, reconstruction

Homicide / Death Investigation - scene analysis and processing, cause and manner investigation (outside of OMI responsibilities), physical identification methods, and reconstruction

Please submit comments or questions to John Krebsbach, Crime Lab Director, at [email protected].