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Inflatable Fun Jumps

Policies regarding inflatable structures in City parks.

Definition and Requirements

Any inflatable structure used for the sole intent of recreational purposes to include, but not limited to: bouncy houses, castles, slides, jumpers, or any similar structure.

  1. The user must receive a $35 use permit from the City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department.
  2. To obtain a permit, the vendor or owner of the jumper must carry liability insurance, possess a current business license, and agree to all conditions set forth by parks and recreation.
  3. Jumpers will only be allowed in designated parks and each of the designated parks will have an area identified for the use of fun jumps.
  4. An approved permit must be obtained 48 hours prior to the event or by Wednesday at noon for weekend events.
  5. The Parks and Recreation Department will provide a training session for jumper companies on the policies for setting up jumpers in City Parks. Companies that participate will receive a certification and will be an approved company on the City website.

Fun Jump Permits

To obtain a fun jump permit, please contact t (505) 857-8657 or (505) 261-1028, We highly recommend setting up an appointment with in advance of the event to obtain a permit.

Designated Parks

Click on the park name to see a map of approved jumper location(s) within the park

  1. Alamosa Park
  2. Balloon Fiesta Park
  3. Kirtland Park
  4. Korean War Veterans Park
  5. Lazy Day Park
  6. Manzano Mesa Park
  7. Mariposa Basin Park
  8. Martineztown-Santa Barbara Park
  9. Matthew Meadows Park
  10. Montgomery Park
  11. North Domingo Baca Park
  12. Pat Hurley Lower Park
  13. Phil Chacon Park
  14. Redlands Park
  15. Terrazas Park
  16. Tower Pond Park
  17. U.S.S. Bullhead Memorial Park (weekdays only)
  18. Ventana Ranch Community Park
  19. Ventana West Park
  20. Vista Verde Park
  21. Westgate Community Park

Approved Jumper Companies