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Lost and Found

The Parks and Recreation Department does not maintain a lost and found for items lost in city parks. However, please contact the following offices to see if someone may have turned in any items you may have lost in a city park:

  • Contact our Park Management Division at (505) 857-8650.
  • Call the nearest Albuquerque Police Department substation. Click here for more information.
  • Call City Security at (505) 239-0900.

Requests to Name a Park or Change a Park Name

Names of City parks are often selected based on location of the park, such as the name of the neighborhood in which the park is located. Occasionally, the Parks & Recreation Department receives requests from the public to name a new park or change the name of an existing park. These requests are initially fielded by the Metropolitan Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, which is a citizen-led board that serves to advise the Department on various issues pertaining to the Department. The Board has developed its own policy to review these requests. To view this policy, click here. To submit a request to name or change the name of a City park, please fill out this form and email it to [email protected].