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Open Space Advisory Board

Information about the Open Space Advisory Board.

Part 2 Conduct for Board Members

2.1 Conflict of Interest: A Board member must acknowledge a personal or business financial interest in an item on the agenda as a conflict of interest and shall notify the Board of that conflict and offer to recuse himself or herself from any discussion or vote concerning that item. After hearing the explanation, the Board shall decide if this conflict rises to the level where the member should be recused

2.2 Contact with Interested Parties: Board members may not discuss with any property owner or agent, any interest that property owner has in any discussion or decision regarding property acquisitions considered by the Board. Property owners shall provide information for the Board's consideration only through the property acquisitions process managed by the Real Property Division of the City, pursuant to ordinances or resolutions or decisions taken by the City Council.

2.3 Communication through the Chair: to prevent duplicate requests going to various agency staff, the preferred process for a Board member to request information is through the Board chair who will then make the request to the Board secretary.

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