Welcome to the City of Albuquerque

Special Event Vendor

Special events include Summerfest to the Balloon Fiesta and everything in between, including private events.

The Process

Download, open, and print the following documents:
Temporary Event Permit Application (179kb)
Temporary Food Checklist (69kb)
Grower's Market Permit Application
Seasonal Temporary Grower's Market Application

Complete the document and bring it to the Environmental Health Department at 1 Civic Plaza NW 87102(map) or fax the document to Theresa Alling at 768-2698.
If you need assistance, call 768-2738.


Business Registration: $35.00
Temporary Food Permit: $25.00
Grower's Market Permit: $15.00
Season Temporary Grower's Market Permit: $50.00

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