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Procurement Division

Information about the City's Procurement Division.

The Procurement Division serves as the Central Purchasing Office for the City of Albuquerque. Established by Article 5 of the Albuquerque Code of Ordinances Section 5-5-4, the Division services all of the City Departments' goods, services, and professional/technical service needs.

The Procurement Division is responsible for issuing and tracking solicitations, contracts, purchase orders, and price agreements.

For Suppliers: Submit Offers

Suppliers are invited to submit an offer through the City's eProcurement system.

View, download, and print requests for proposals and requests for bids.

For Local Businesses

Fees have been removed to encourage more local businesses to participate in the City's procurement process.

Visit the Vendor Services section to view competitive solicitations and get help doing business with the City.

By City Ordinance, the Central Purchasing Office does not perform solicitations for Social Service contracts and projects; and architectural and engineering services.

Family & Community Services RFPs

For the Family and Community Services Department Requests for Proposals (RFPs), visit the Family and Community Services RFPs to access and view these solicitations.

Municipal Development Solicitations

The Department of Municipal Development issues its own solicitations for architectural and engineering services.

For a list of current solicitations, visit the Selection Advisory Committee.

About: Procurement Division

The Chief Procurement Officer reports to the Director of Finance.

Solicitations and contracts are issued by the Procurement Division in accordance with the Public Purchases Ordinance.

Download: Public Purchasing Ordinance

Purpose of the Procurement Manual

The purpose of the Procurement Manual is to provide a central resource of procurement standards, policies, procedures and best practices for the City. City Departments can utilize this Procurement Manual as a “how-to” guide for the purchase of goods and services and obtaining concession contracts for the City in accordance with applicable City Ordinances and Administrative Instructions.

The Procurement Manual is not intended to circumvent the City Public Purchases Ordinance Albuquerque Code of Ordinances, Article 5: Public Purchases (Purchasing Ordinance) or Administrative Instructions, and any other City law. Rather, this Procurement Manual should be used as a supplement to the City laws to help clarify or outline policies and procedures not clearly defined in the laws. This Procurement Manual also does not address the procurement process when federal, state or private grant funds are used. Federal or state law and regulations, as well as the underlying grant agreements, govern the procurement methodology and other conditions of the purchase in the case of purchases using grant funds.

View the City of Albuquerque Procurement Manual.

Procurement Goals

The Goals of the Procurement Division and the City when utilizing taxpayer dollars are:

  • Utilize the correct purchase methodology when obtaining goods and services;
  • Purchase only the goods or services that are needed, avoiding excess and waste;
  • Obtain the best value for the money expended;
  • Promote competition and allow a fair opportunity to compete for City business, through statutory requirements for quotes, bids, and proposals;
  • Ensuring purchases are kept within budgeted limits;
  • Provide Minority, Women, and Veteran-Owned business and small businesses a fair opportunity in the solicitation and contract award process; and
  • Stimulate the local economy and local job market by allowing local businesses an opportunity to compete for City business.

City Surplus Auction

The City of Albuquerque sells surplus and salvage items by online auction at Public Surplus.

Visit Public Service auction site.

Staff Directory

  • Jennifer Bradley – Chief Procurement Officer
  • Iris Cordova – Assistant Procurement Officer
  • Viola Cunningham – Procurement Manager
  • Estevan Vargas – Purchasing Program Specialist
  • Kathleen Oney - Process Improvement Coordinator
  • Elaine Sacoman – Senior Buyer
  • Claire Sandoval – Senior Buyer
  • Kassandra Ray – Senior Buyer
  • Eddie De Herrera – Senior Buyer
  • Theresa Gonzales – Finance Technician
  • Daniel Nguyen – Finance Technician
  • Larry English – Office Services
  • Rene Diaz – Aviation Purchasing Coordinator
  • Manuela Martinez – Buyer, Aviation Department
  • Stephanie Phillips – Buyer, Solid Waste Department

Get a list of senior buyers and the commodities assigned to them on the Staff Commodity Assignments page.